Pericles: A Great Leader Of Athens

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Pericles was born in 495 BC in Athens, Greece. He was born into a wealthy family. His father was Xanthippus, and his mother was Agariste. His father was an Athenian general and statesman, so it is said that Pericles gained an understanding of the city and its people from his father. When he was younger his father made sure he had a great education. He learned music from the tutelage of Damon. He also learned math from the theoretical physicist Zeno of Elea. Pericles was a great leader of Athens and the people of the city thought so as well. He strived to make Athens a better place with more peace, and he encouraged education which helped Athens become even better. Pericles should be most remembered by his political career, military achievements, and the reforms he made for Athens. …show more content…

He first entered into politics in 470 BC. He entered into politics by joining the Assembly. The Assembly was the opportunity for male citizens to say what was on their minds and to exercise their votes concerning the government of their city. Upon joining the Assembly, Pericles supported major reform of the Athenian constitution and was outspoken about his hostility towards Sparta ( Editors). Cimon, who was the conservative Athenian leader at the time, wanted to remain friendly with Sparta, but he was soon exiled. Once Cimon was gone, Pericles saw a chance to become leader of Athens, and he began organizing institutions and taking charge. Many people saw how good of a leader he was and how he cared for the city, so they elected him leader in 461

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