Parents' Roles in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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Parents' Roles in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet were set in Verona, where two families are enemies;

they are enemies due to an ‘ancient grudge’ which has been powerful

enough to keep the two lovers apart. The Montague’s’ son Romeo falls

in love with the Capulet’s daughter Juliet. Both Romeo and Juliet come

from a society filled with hatred and fighting. Neither of the lovers

can confront their parents, as they do not have a close relationship

and have trouble communicating. However they both confront their

carers as they help them through their lives. Romeo has Friar Lawrence

and Juliet has the Nurse. Each child has to turn to their carers as

their parents are unable to help them, but still both Romeo and Juliet

commit suicide for each other’s love. This may have been caused due to

inadequate parenting as Juliet’s parents are very distant and do not

communicate as well as the Nurse and Juliet, whereas Romeo’s parents

struggle to communicate with him; this is shown when they ask Benvolio

Romeo’s cousin to find out what is bothering Romeo. Lord Capulet is

the father of Juliet; he is a very domineering character who cannot

control his actions fully. He is an inadequate parent as he does not

communicate with her well, and he does not give her any independence,

he forces her to marry Paris when she does not want to, when she says

she will not marry him, Lord Capulet is aggressive. The only thing

Juliet can do is say that she will meet him and see what she thinks of

him, but she has no intentions of falling in love with him as she is

in love with Romeo; she is unable to let her father know as he will

not approve of...

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...onclusion Romeo and Juliet are both affected by the disease

of Verona as the ‘ancient grudge’ between the families has caused

Romeo and Juliet to take their lives; partly due to the inadequate

parenting from Lord and Lady Capulet and Lord and Lady Montague. They

both have an adequate carer who is forced into taking the main roles

as the parents. Romeo and Juliet tried to fight the disease of Verona

and the hatred society but could no longer lake the fighting, hatred

and the secrets. In the end both families lost their beloved only

children, which made them forget the hatred and remember the “two star

crossed lovers.” The moral of the story is if you love moderately,

have an open relationship, not just with your partner but also with

your family and your love is strong you will have a good life with joy

and love.
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