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The woman question has been flourished both on the historical background and in the modern socio-cultural standing through the hegemony of man.In this context, woman subject faces to the problems; dehumanization, role conflicts and alienation of gender which are led by patriarchal understanding. The position of woman confined in the patriarchal society, women should deny being subordinated under patriarchal community.
In this essay, oppression towards the woman subject will be argued.
“Patriarchy is a political-social system that insists that males are inherently dominating, superior to everything and everyone deemed weak, especially females, and endowed with the right to dominate and rule over the weak and to maintain that dominance through various forms of psychological terrorism and violence.” Bell Hooks.
Patriarchy claims the institutions of male rule and privilege and leads to female subordination.It is empowered by accompanying such as political, economic and religious practices against women. Patriarchal thinking states that the human being have gender roles which are prescribed the ways of being woman or man. It causes to be seen the fact of a woman being as second class, to be subject of sexual abuse or violence. That’s why woman should deny being subordinated under patriarchal community.

Seen women as second class mean that they are inferior or incapable to understand or comprehend social, ideological, political or economical issues. Woman physical differences from man, such as called weak, unqualified, or naive, engender the division of labor in the patriarchal community. The division of labor which describes patriarchal relations...

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... describe the superiority or inferiority between genders. This is the system of patriarchy which divides rights, privileges and power by gender and as a result oppressing women and privileging man.

As a conclusion, understanding patriarchy as a system of socio-politic arena encourages women to fight against it. Beginning by the examination of women standing in society, patriarchal thinking will not continue the hegemony of man to women. Because its effects on women which are primarily being second class and exposing sexual abuse or violence, will orient women to deny being subordinated under it. Patriarchal community which created gender class, using the sexual objectification of women will be defeated by the subject of women.
That’s why women should deny being subordinated under patriarchy by allying in the politic, social and economic activities.
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