Outline For Into The Wild

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In the book “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakaeur, there is a boy named Chris Mccandless or Alex as he likes to be called who goes to Alaska because he wants to see what all the United States offers and to get away from the government and to just live life on his own. But this book also refers to how teens think and how others think of teens like do teens really know who they are and understand themselves, and chris is the main model to show that. Chris does understand who he is mostly, H=he know what he wants to do and is determined to do so. But a couple of instances in the book kind of point to him not truly understanding who he is and what he sets out to do. Mainly when he ends up going back to Carthage to work for Westerburg so that he can make enough money to get the bare materials to survive his exodus into Alaska. You can see that as soon as Chris ends up leaving the house and says his final goodbyes to everyone, he starts to well up and get teary which shows…show more content…
Chris Mccandless was misunderstood by most people because he knew what would happen at Alaska and decided to take that risk and knew just how to survive on the road. But does every teen have Chris’s thought still and the ones that do understand themselves know how to accomplish it and carry out the task or are teens just like what the people in Alaska were saying about Chris, Ill Prepared and need
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