Othello by William Shakespeare: An Epic Play Worth Reading

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Have you ever seen a play that has a unique cast of characters and clearly shows us how when you love somebody, they can eventually stab you in the back or when you kill somebody they stay alive even though you stab them in the back numerous times and they apologize for something they did to you? I can think of one play that can answer each of these questions and a whole lot more. This play is Shakesphere’s Othello and it is one with an epic war between Love and Evil. While reading Othello, one encounters such diverse and dynamic characters as, Othello, Desdemona, Rodergio, Iago, and Cassio. These characters are all affected, in some way either by jealousy, or manipulated by Iago to feel jealousy. The literary techniques that Shakespeare uses to advance the theme of “Jealousy ultimately destroys those affected by it,” are: characterization and personification. Another theme that also pops up in Othello is “Good vs. Evil” because there are equal amounts of good people and evil people in the story. One critic agreed that Othello was based on the theme of Jealousy.
Shakesphere uses characterization in Othello to advance the overall theme of “Jealousy ultimately destroys those affected by it,” by describing each of the character conflicts. Iago is known as the troublemaker and tricks Roderigo into becoming best friends with him just so he can poison and kill him just so he can get his position. As famous critics Stephen Urwin and Kenneth McLeish said about Iago’s character and personality in Othello:
Iago stands supreme among Shakespeare's evil characters because the greatest intensity and subtlety of imagination have gone into his making, and because he illustrates in the most perfect combination the two facts concerning evil, wh...

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...racters had disputes with one other expect for Cassio who is accused by Iago of sleeping with Othello’s wife and is killed by Othello. There are many examples of personification such as Iago describing a green-eyed monster who was accused of killing people by eating them alive to the bones of their body to the monster who is hard to kill off. Most people and critics describe this being portrayed as a personification of jealously

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