Orson Scott Card

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Orson Scott Card. Who is Orson Scott Card? Orson Scott Card (from now on OSC) is a comtempory writer from the USA. He is a prolific writer of numerous genres but best known for his sci-fi novel "Ender´s game" and the sequel "Speaker for the Dead", on which he won two of the most prestigious awards, the Nebula and the Hugo awards, in consecutive years. OSC writing is dominated moral issues and the relationship between characters. A devoted Mormon, he believes that all fiction has a strong moral message. He believes that the message should be positive. Nevertheless, his choice of subject matter and the amount of violence in his books have led raised eyebrows in the Mormon church. Card's characters are usually put in a position of having to make difficult and interesting moral choices. Card believes that it is the character's interaction with other people which makes him interesting. Family is also an important theme in his work. Background. OSC was born in Richland, Washington, 1951 and was named after his grandfather, Orson Rega Card. OSC great-grandfather, Charles Ora Card, was the founder of the Mormon colony in Cardston, Canada. The mormon beliefs is something that is like a red line in the Scott-family, I will come back to this later. OSC was an avid reader at young age, at 8 he red "The Prince and the Pauper", which first attracted him to english history. OSC red plenty of history novels, about the civil war, french and indian wars and even "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell. Alongside all of the history and sci-fi readings, he red scripture, the Book of Mormons and the Bible to name some examples.. He was also fascinated by histories of medicine and by books about the exploits of archaeologists. The inherited a love for performing, he loved to sing (and still does) and there were many singalongs in the Scott household. At age 16, the family moved to Orem, Utah (they had moved around a whole lot). The got a scholarship and entered BYU as a archaeology major but found himself spending more and more time in the theatre department so he changed his major. It was as a theatre student he began to school himself as a writer. "It's the best training in the world for a writer, to have a live audience" he says. Close to graduation, Card left for Brazil on a two-year mission for the LDS Church.
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