Origins Of My Identity

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There are numerous ways to identify who we are. But who we are is not about the circumstances of your life or what you do for a living or the the roles we play or what are beliefs or affiliations are. Those are the false identities we tend to cling to. You open yourself to more possibility - and more of who you truly are! One thing about my identity is my name. We are all given a name at birth or before or maybe even later on. I was named Reilly Grace Agadoni, it’s not just my name though; it is something that is apart of who I am. It is a unique name to my family. My first name was just something that my mom found in a book and thought it would suit me. The origin that it was from was Irish and it also mean that Reilly is “courageous, and valiant”. It’s funny cause I’m not even Irish, not at all. My middle name was from my great grandmother, Grandma Grace. The origin of the name is of Latin. She died awhile ago. But her and the name of her is now apart of me. My last name is Italian, so my whole family is Italian. We tend to like food and drink and we have a strong commitment to family, including extended family. I was also adopted so that might add to more family. My birth parents were also Italian, which was a coincidence. A good coincidence though! Another origin about my identity is of my family. My family is a very important part of everyones life. It is who they were raised by and how they were raised and taught. There’s a picture somewhere that has my whole family in it. It was when I was a baby and my brother, Max was almost a teenager. And my parents looked younger than they are now. We all have changed in the last couple of years. We grew and learned a lot since then. I was a newborn then and I was just adopted and w... ... middle of paper ... ... and I’ve gotten stronger from the words that people have said to me and I used to actually thought the words that people said, were true and I thought much less of myself. I thought that I didn’t deserve any better, and that is not true because I do and should've gotten what I deserved but it never happened. There was always some kind of rumor that had to make me feel like crap and felt like I was in hell because of it. But I am happy to say that I am happy now and I don’t care what people say negatively about me anymore. I don’t negative comments anymore because I am now homeschool and I can work on my studies much harder than I ever had. I didn’t know I could be capable of being homeschooled because I thought I would have like no friends still but it that didn't come true. I am now training for tennis and working really hard at it! I have now changed positively.
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