Organisational Behaviour

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A telecommunication firm is facing difficulties in the financial year 2002-2003 and I am the line manager of the software development group in this company. Chapter 4, in the book "Essentials of Organizational Behavior" by Stephen P. Robbins states that motivation theories are culture-bound (Page 53), hence to give this paper and the situation described in the question a different perspective I am going to set this telecommunications company named BPL Mobile in India and I am going to take into account the cultural factors affecting motivation and productivity and explain them in this paper.

My software development group has 15 employees working under me and we lost 3 employees due to lay offs. We supply software and training to about 25 stores in Bombay, India and those are specialty stores supplying only BPL cellular phone handsets and call plans (contract and prepaid) to the customers. Overall BPL Mobile is one of the major cellular phone companies in India, its main competitors being Orange (the British Telecommunications giant). In India Orange and BPL Mobile have a fair and equal share in the market of about 30% each and the rest belongs to the smaller companies. As chapter 2 describes the framework for assessing cultures, I would apply the following characteristics to Indian employees and customers (Page 18). The power distance in India is largely unequal, there exists an equal blend of individualism and collectivism, it is the quantity in life that has more importance and that is because India is a poor country, as far as uncertainty avoidance is concerned they prefer structured situations and finally people are long term oriented. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the corporate life in India. I will now go on to explain how I will handle the situation described in the question.

There are many people fighting for jobs in India but since I have collected a good team, which is now demoralized, it is my job to motivate them to perform better. According to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory (Page 43) the need for physiological needs will be primary but in the work environment safety and security needs will be of growing concern. The reason for this is that, since there is a vast population of qualified people waiting to be hired, people who have jobs are under pressure to maintain them. In such a situation, knowing that I have a qualified and valuable team with me, I would not like to hire different people and train them.

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