Opposites Attract in Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises

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Opposites Attract in Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises A Proverb once stated, “Opposites attract.” Scientist, chemist, doctors, and even matchmakers around the world know this statement to be true. However in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, the relationship between Lady Brett Ashley and Robert Cohn proves this statement wrong. Throughout the novel, Lady Brett has many types of relationships with a variety of people, most of whom are men. Some of these men include Jake Barnes, the narrator of the story, Mike Campbell, her supposed husband, and Pedro Romero. Lady Brett’s laid back, independent, and rather promiscuous life style creates many foil relationships with the various men she has affairs with. Brett’s foil relationships sometimes bring out the best qualities in people and other times unfortunately brings out the worst qualities. Throughout the book Lady Brett’s foil relationship with Robert Cohn bring out Cohn’s unpopularity, immaturity, and his possessive and obsessive control over Brett. Throughout the book, Robert Cohn acts as a polite and enjoyable guy around most people. However, around Brett and with the people he hangs around with most, Cohn’s annoying and conceited personality comes out. While traveling to a fishing trip Jake introduces his friend Bill to Cohn. Right from the start Cohn’s annoying personality irritates Bill and they get into an argument. After Cohn announces he will not be traveling with them to Burguete to fish, Bill states, “‘And as for this Rober... ... middle of paper ... ...lity. In summary, Robert Cohn and Lady Brett Ashley are definite opposites that do not attract. In comparison to Cohn, Brett differs greatly. Brett is well-liked, enjoyable, outgoing, mature, laid backed, and independent; whereas Cohn is generally unpopular, annoying, immature, possessive, infatuated, and argumentative. Cohn’s infatuation for Brett causes his worst qualities to come out. Cohn and Brett’s foil relationship was visible throughout the entire book. In conclusion, Robert Cohn and Lady Brett Ashley have a foil relationship in which their opposite personalities significantly differ.

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