One Family's Thoughts and Opinions Regarding the Medical Care Bill

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This medical care bill has brought disagreements to families across the country that either loved or hated the concept. As a daughter to aging parents, a sister to ill siblings, a mother to children unable to afford insurance and a grandmother to children in desperate need of medical Advertisement coverage. I am one of the Americans the majority of the population sees as a threat to increased taxes. I am not going to pretend to understand the numerous pages outlining the bill nor will I go so far as to say I have read it cover to cover. What I will say, is this bill will be extremely beneficial to my particular family living both in Ohio and SC in a number of ways. For several months prior to my grandmother passing away at eighty three, members of her family spent hours upon hours searching and researching ways to get discounts or alternative means to helping her find affordable ways to get the medications she desperately had to have. She was a humble, grit your teeth and bear it person but, even she admitted the medications were needed, however, the amount due by her for each prescription was far beyond the meager amount afforded her after working till the age of eighty. There were several times when the medications could only be partially filled due to the cost of several hundred dollars for less than a handful of pills. My grandmother had her children and other family members to lend a hand in her time of need; however, there are millions of elderly that suffer in silence due to the lack of resources to get the help needed. Now that the bill has been signed, the elderly will have a great opportunity to afford their medications. Preview of One Families Thoughts and Opinions Regarding the Medical Care Bill - Page 2 I ha... ... middle of paper ... speechless there. As this bundle of life grew, there was and continues to be $1500 car seats the family is required to purchase as it is not a medical necessarily? The bags, food and tubing's essential for his daily intake of internal feedings are limited to a specific amount per month, with the additional costing family in the hundreds. Though at times it has been a struggle but, Christian has gotten what he needs thanks to the love and support of his large and extended family, unlike so many children that suffer daily due to lack of insurance and financial ability. So in conclusion, I say thank you President Obama for seeing to the medical needs of our elderly, children and those in between. Now that Christian, his mother (my youngest) and I have moved to SC due to the weather being better for him, this bill will affect my family in two states, Ohio and SC.

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