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The purpose of this paper is to be able to provide an example of a recent scandal about usual unethical behavioral occurrences in Mexico. This paper aims at addressing the principal factors; actors involved, consequences and outcomes of unethical behavior, it also analyzes the impairment done to workers, companies, oil Mexican industry and the Mexican government. This paper is an attempt to shed light among Mexican citizens and provides an international perspective of the white-collar crime perpetrated by Oceanografia, PEMEX and CitiBank Inc. In addition, implications and penalties faced by each person engaged Kickbacks, bribes, no/bid for federal contracts, secret meetings and agreements, lies and misinformation; it is a common occurrence on global news headlines that Mexican government and private corporations have been beset by a plague of dishonesty, corruption, and malfeasance of funds. Between those recent government scandals, many Mexican citizens lost the faith, reliability and belief in public institutions and politic parties. In addition, Mexican government’s credibility had been decreased within International governments and investors. Hence, it is difficult to gauge the extent of distrust, dishonesty among Mexican citizens as it is typical of public administrators to illicit behaviors of bribes, corruption, and organized crime? Although unethical behavior in government has been associated with contractors, officials’ elections and corporative agreements; during the last 70 years, the most powerful political party (PRI) had been charged with many corruption scandals relating to campaign financing, white collar (Stephens, 2011), budget frauds and malfeasance. This case study involves corruption in the Federal... ... middle of paper ... .... (2014, 02 28). México interviene Oceanografía, la empresa acusada de fraude. El Pais, p. 1. Retrieved from http://economia.elpais.com/economia/2014/02/28/actualidad/1393609867_504025.html Stephens, J. (2011, 04 4). Fraud in the Business World. Retrieved from http://www.studymode.com/: http://www.studymode.com/essays/Fraud-In-The-Business-World-672503.html Touryalai, H. (2011, 11 29). America's 50 Biggest Banks (And Bank Of America Isn't #1). Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/: http://www.forbes.com/sites/halahtouryalai/2011/11/29/americas-50-biggest-banks-and-bank-of-america-isnt-1/ Transparency International Org. (2013). Corruption by countryTerritory. Mexico: http://www.transparency.org/country#MEX. WORLD WAR 4 REPORT . (2014, 11 03). Mexico: Citigroup, Pemex mired in fraud scandal. Retrieved from http://ww4report.com/: http://ww4report.com/node/13067

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