Nuclear Energy

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Radiation is a form of energy that we can find almost all around us, there are many other types of radiation that exist, some having more energy than others. Although using these materials could present danger if a great deal of exposure is released. Interaction with any exposed radiation can cause a contamination to surrounding or personal property. We use nuclear energy in what we call nuclear reactors, inside of a nuclear reactor the energy is released as heat and then used as electricity, the process that makes this electricity is fission and fusion, during fission an atomic nuclease will split into separate fragments, which will release in a form of heat and radiation. During the fusion process there is a light nuclei, and this has an advantage over fission because light nuclei are easier to obtain because there is more of them and then end result is light and are more stable and not as heavy and radioactive. Then we will take the energy through the reactor and the heat will then be used to produce electricity. The only disadvantage of using nuclear energy is that it is not an unlimited resource as it requires uranium and plutonium and those two products are themselves limited. Although we have just now started using these materials they will soon run out do to our increase in populations and electronic consumption. But nuclear energy for now is a good substitute for electricity until we can come up with a better way to make that energy in the future. There are also some other downfalls for the use of nuclear energy and a couple of good attributes to it. One downfall to the use of nuclear energy is that there are some occasion leaks across the country. But there is a very small chance that anything does go wrong at a nuclear ... ... middle of paper ... ... environment. Retrieved from Nuclear safety and rugulations. (2010, September 21). Retrieved from Radiation safety at nuclear power plants: Studies look at public and workers. (2010, October). Retrieved 2011, from Safety of nuclear reactors. (n.d.). Retrieved April, 2011, from Vanderlely, R. (2010, September 30). Can nuclear energy replacfe fossil fuels for electricity production. Retrieved from Wilson, P. (n.d.). Nuclear power reactors. Retrieved 1996, from The Nuclear Fuel Cylce website:

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