Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 2

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Why should you be chosen as a staff member? I want to help the server out I believe I could stop hackers from ruining the community and I believe I could stop people from being toxic in chat and also make it a place which people could enjoy the server and enjoy playing hcf and stay on the server also I'm very good at Screensharing people so if there hacking I could find some hacks in there .minecraft even if they deleted it. I would also record every single hacker I find and put it on my youtube channel for people to see that the person was hacking, I would also record the Screenshare so if a staff wanted to see that he had some hacks in his .minecraft I could show them some proof of he/she having hacks in her folder. I also want to make the server a none toxic place so when someone joins they will stay and not leave because either a hacker has killed them or someone was being toxic to them i would look and reply to everyone's questions in chat if they need help and i will be active all the time i will respect everyone who plays on the server even if someone disrespects me i wouldn't disrespect them back i would always stay calm when dealing with these sort of situations, because two wrongs doesn't make a right i believe being a staff you have to respect everyone that plays on the server and make them enjoy there stay on the server and also doing your job
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