Norwich University Tuition: A Souring Cost

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On average college students owe $35,200 in debt due to high costs of college (Ellis). This is a very frightening statistic that is a sad reality to many college students today. Students graduate and are shocked by the dollar amount they owe because of student loans. Sadly, most struggle to pay off these debts, and it often takes years to do so. Private universities tend to be more expensive then public universities, due to the fact they are not partially funded by the state where they are located. As American families are becoming more aware of these high costs they are thinking twice about applying to the private universities. Norwich University, a private university in Vermont is among those high priced schools. Norwich just this year has a total cost of $50,000 a year (Norwich University). Norwich University’s high expense results in fewer students applying to Norwich, which lowers standards, fewer students being able to complete a degree and students are graduating with large amounts in loans.
Norwich University is a prestigious private military college set in the hills of Vermont. It has approximately 2,339 full time students (National Center for Education Statistics). In total around 3,135 students applied in 2013 and 2,030 were accepted; only 636 were enrolled for the fall semester (National Center for Education Statistics). This gives Norwich University a 65% acceptance rate which is enormously higher compared to other military schools (US News). Also to note, Norwich University has a 39% graduation rate (National Center for Education Statistics).
Norwich can argue that they give scholarships that help offset the costs and this makes Norwich competitive cost wise to other schools. However, this claim is not entirely tru...

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