Nomi Nickel Analysis

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595 words

Upon reading the first page, I knew I would like this book. The writing style is almost like a memoir; it’s in the first person from the perspective of Nomi Nickel. The first ten chapters give us a look into Nomi nickels past, her opinions, and thoughts. They show the transition of her thoughts from a straight edge Mennonite follower to a rebellious teenager. She has a dry sense of humor that is thrown into her everyday activities. It’s a surprise when it happens, like when the garbage men throw out Ray’s hutch, not only was that unexpected but Ray’s reaction was surprising. Many of the teens in the town represent a character foil. On Saturday nights they go out drinking, partying, having sex, and on Sunday they return to their strict religious …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the first ten chapters give us a look into nomi nickel's past, her opinions, and thoughts.
  • Analyzes how the mouth has a tight hold on the town through the bizarre purge when he became the pastor.
  • Opines that the mennonite religion was named after the founder, but one of the core beliefs is to practice humility.

He’s extreme in his religious beliefs. When I was first introduced to him I did not like him, but after learning his back story it all made sense, and I felt sorry for him. It’s pretty sad and pathetic that one bad relationship changed him from an ordinary guy finding his way in the world to an extreme religious leader. I think he uses his religion to protect himself. Outside of the Mennonite faith, everything was too free he couldn’t handle the pressure of it. He’s more comfortable in the boundaries of his religion where no one can judge him as he’s in control. Travis does not seem to be good boyfriend material. He shows little respect for Nomi by leaving her out in the rain, and his constant need to change her. Nomi often feels pressured to talk and say something intelligent to satisfy him. It saddens me to think that she stays with him; I believe this is caused by boredom and low self-esteem. I think the type of people that follow this religion are either born into it and brain washed beyond repair, or they’re too afraid of going to hell, so they stay. Tash seems to take on her mother’s characteristics, and Nomi takes on her fathers. I like that Nomi remains with her father, but I worry that she will leave as she likes to talk about leaving. I don’t want Ray to be left all alone. I was surprised to learn that Trudie left ray, they seemed very much in

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