Nicholas Sheff 's Role With His Family

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Nicholas Sheff grew up in a two -parent household. His parents got divorced when he was about seven years old. His mother moved to Los Angeles and his father moved to San Francesco, they both remarried. Nicholas lives with his father and frequently visits his mother. Nic was in therapy to help his cope with his family issues from a young age. He has two half siblings who adore him and he is fond of them. Nic has a good relationship with his stepmother. She taught him French and spends time with him. Nic started smoking cigarettes, using alcohol and marijuana when he was a teenager in high school. He started experimenting with other drugs and became addicted to methamphetamines. Nic stole money from his half siblings to support his drug habits. His father experimented with drugs when he was a teenager. However he never became a drug addict. Nic’s father was devastated when he found out his son was using drugs, his smart, beautiful and loving son is a drug addict. His father believes that he was depressed and his previous drug habits had something to do with Nicholas drug habits. As Nic’s drug habits begin to escalate privileges were taken away. Nic would change his ways for a short time and then continue with the same old habits. Nic often times would be missing for days, he was abusing drugs with his friends in their home or any place they can use without getting caught. He was arrested many times and his father bailed him out. When Nic was missing for days his father frantically looked for him. He would call the hospitals, the jails and the morgue to see if his son was brought in for a drug overdose. Nic was encouraged to get help for his addiction. He would resist, argue and curse his father. He finally decided to try a 28 ... ... middle of paper ... ...illness. In addition, when we work with our clients we have understand their addiction. In order for us to form a therapeutic alliance with our clients we have to form a therapeutic relationship based on trust, honesty and a need to change. This cannot happen overnight it has to come from the clients. The client has to be honest in acknowledging when that they have had a relapse. For mandated clients this will be challenging, because they feel that it is court ordered and they are only doing it to satisfy their mandate. I believe harm reduction and motivational interviews are useful tools for recovering clients. If the clients have an array of options for help they will be more incline to use them. Addictive behaviors can cause tremendous changes in someone’s life. I believe that everyone makes mistakes, however if you learn from mistakes you can make a difference.

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