New Policies

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Many public schools use flunking a student as a regular policy to keep up good quality education in their particular school. While faced with the possibility of being flunked, a student will, without a doubt study harder. But, if schools used policies like, a decreased class size, a mandatory dress code and shortened summer vacation time, students will receive an even better education. First of all, let us examine the idea of a decreased class size. When the number of students is reduced from thirty to twenty students per teacher, there is more time for the teacher to spend with each student for more individualized help. With a smaller class size, more students will get to participate in classroom discussions and maybe even the students who feel intimidated by large class size will speak up when there are fewer students in the room. Also, when the number of students in class is decreased, the possibility of noisy, trouble making, distracting students goes down and there will be fewer interruptions during class time. Next, let us examine the mandatory dress code. This policy is a great idea because it would keep students focused on the tasks at hand instead of worrying about what others have worn to school or what they should wear to school themselves. Another good point about this policy is there would other students making it easier to pay attention in class wear less distracting clothing. Finally, the last policy for examination is shortened summer vacation time. By shortening summer vacation time, students can be taught their lessons more indeptly without being rushed from one subject to the next subject. Giving them more time to spend on a particular subject than before. With shortened vacation time, students will have less time to forget what they have been taught and when they return to school, there is no need to spend precious class time reviewing what they might have forgotten.
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