Nelson Mandela: A True Hero

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Almost everyone has heard of Nelson Mandela, who was he exactly? Why is he important to history? What has he done for the world? Mandela has affected the world in so many ways. He had fought war, against segregation in South Africa where once minority ruled over the majority of Africans, which has changed after Mandela’s courage to fight against segregation. This made him a true hero of African continent. Mandela should speak at South Sioux City High School because he fought war on segregation; he survived the struggles through prisons, and accomplished his mission to change the world. Life has rewarded him with fortune all across the world today. Mandela will always be hero for ending the apartheid in South Africa and affecting the world with true meaning of freedom. First of all, Nelson Mandela fought war against segregation to end apartheid; however at young age Mandela has always been influenced with politics around his home, his father Gala Henry Mphakanyiswa was chief of Mvezo a Thembu royal house. Mandela was born in royal house July 18, 1918. After his birth his father named him “Rolihlahla” which refers to trouble maker (Mandela 7). In spite of this, Mandela has always been involved in politics that led him to fought war against segregation, and he also has caused many troubles with the government because the minorities were ruling over the Africans majorities in South Africa. His name Rolihlahla describes him as trouble maker. Mandela joins the African national congress in 1942, the South African political Party. Later he opened his own law practice at Johannesburg with lawyer Oliver Tambo where they discussed mostly about ANC. The ANC law practice was the first black law firm practiced in South Africa. Oliver tambo... ... middle of paper ... ...s Life.” n.p. , n.d. Web. 1 November 2013. Battersby, J. “Nelson Mandela.” . Oracle TheinkQuest education foundation, 10 January 2008. Web. 1 November 2013. Greg, M. “Nelson Mandela's Prison Adventures.” Parallels Many Stories One World, 2 July 2013. Web. 2 November 2013. Mandela, N. Mandela: An Illustrated Autobiography. United State: Little, Brown and Company, 1996. Print. “Nelson Mandela's Testimony at the Treason Trial 1956-60.” Padraig O’Malley,n.d. web. 28 October 2012. “Nelson Mandela.” . Siyabona Africa, n.d. Web. 3 November 2013. “The Nobel Peace Prize 1993.” NoblePrize, n.d. Web. 1 November 2013. “The Life and Times of Nelson Mandela.” Nelson Mandela Foundation, n.d. Web. 29 October 2013.

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