Negative Impact Of Music In The Media

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In society today, it is prominent that there are distinct lines drawn when it comes to gender and sex, and the role they play in the media. There are many stereotypes that women and men feel they have to live up to simply because of the way the media portrays them. The media has a tremendous impact on the way people see themselves and how they view society. It represents society and displays our morals and values for everyone to see and follow. For this paper, the media source I decided to write about is music. Music is a huge part of the world and impacts the lives of many. People listen to music to help understand themselves and situations better. The lyrics in songs can influence people negatively and positively. Music helps guide people…show more content…
They impact the social lives of everyone, seeing as people listen to these songs and attempt to relate to and understand them. Ultimately, rap music mostly has a negative impact because it makes people believe it’s okay to call women bitches and treat them as commodities instead of as actual people. It makes men think that the right thing to do is to continually be in and out of jail, and that the only important things in life are making money, partying, and hooking up with women. Country music is not as negative, but it makes women seem like they’re only around for looks and men seem like they have to be manly to be a man. In conclusion, music impacts everyone no matter the age. There are major roles that men and women play in music today. If people lived their lives like the music says, society would not be functioning. All males would either be super manly or in and out of jail, and all women would be sleeping around all the time in search of money. Although some people do live their lives in these ways, it would not be good for society as a whole to function that way. I do not believe changing the lyrics or banning certain genres would make things better, because people should be able to decide how they want to live their

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