Negative Effects Of Child Beauty Pageants

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Child Beauty Pageants Aren’t Harmless Fun A pair of fishnets, false eyelashes, fake tan, whitened teeth, thigh high boots, a small sparkly custom tutu, a choreographed suggestive dance routine, big teased hair, a bedazzled push up bikini, and an eager audience. Given this list of things most minds would rush to the term “stripper” or “Exotic dancer” however that is not what this list is about (Hollandsworth). This list could describe a little girl as young as four or five. This list could have been made to describe the common child beauty pageant contestant. Child beauty pageants are becoming a new societal norm and are becoming accepted widely. Child beauty pageants are harmful to contestants, parents, and society in their financial, social,…show more content…
Child beauty pageants follow much the same pattern as their more mature counterparts however they do not traditionally hold swimsuit competitions (Hollandsworth). This is changing and some are adopting swimsuit sections (Information, Hill). Child beauty pageants are often pursued by those who want their children to go into acting or modeling and believe that it will help them (Child Beauty Pageant Debate, Mickey Wood). The usual prep for a child beauty pageant involves spray tans, makeup and hair stylists, and ornate costumes and dresses (Lorenzano). This will take hours of time from both children and parents and large amounts of money (Sandberg). The child beauty pageants that are widely portrayed on the media by shows like toddlers and tiaras are referred to as high glitz pageants (Child Beauty pageant debate, Mickey Wood). In high glitz pageants makeup and custom costumes are not only encouraged but required (Sandberg). This essay will talk about high glitz pageants as they are the most common, most publicized, and most controversial. An alternative to glitz pageants does exist in the form of natural pageants which encourage minimal makeup and off the tag clothes however natural pageants are not common…show more content…
One of the side effects they may cause is that of eating disorders (Hollandsworth). A study comparing women that had participated in child beauty pageants to women who had not found no significant increase in bulimia, however it showed much greater rates of body dissatisfaction, impulse control, and interpersonal distrust (Wonderlich). The rates were almost five times that of women who hadn’t competed in pageants which implies some fault in the pageants (Wonderlich). This may because pageants support practices that may spoil children and teach them that certain behaviors are socially acceptable (Sandberg) . Children that participated in pageants also exceeded their counterparts by almost 200% in ineffectiveness (Wonderlich). This could have significant negative impacts on a child’s future career and academic performance and may be because pageants send the message that appearances are more important that other achievements (Wonderlich). Participants were likely to surpass non participants by almost 150% in having trust issues (Wonderlich). This could be caused by adults in their life whom they are supposed to trust constantly applying pressure to perform and putting their needs before those of their child in an effort to live through said child (Charles). A pageant child’s introspective physical awareness tends to exceed that of a non pageant child by 133% (Wonderlich).

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