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Who would have thought that good reads can come from depression and self insecurity? I wouldn't, but this author gave a new outbreak to the giving of thoughts. For my junior project, the author I chose is Ned Vizzini. Vizzini was able to contribute to the world of literature by giving honesty to youth. Vizzini’s greatest strength is empowering people struggling with depression and difficult lives, giving them courage and such. Vizzini wrote about his life to show that we are all human, Stating that we should be honest and strong, so we as people, don’t seem vulnerable to what’s being said in a negative reference since he himself suffered from depression. Growing up he was a good kid, he made good grades, and all but felt pressured. This caused him to develop an eating disorder by the age of seventeen, which later led on to his depression. Ned Vizzini’s style including his use of imagery, similes, and numerous allusions allows the readers to see the importance of his life and self issues which took place during his lifetime, and that led him to write about significant theme of overcoming depression.
Ned Vizzini was born in New York City on April 4, 1981 and committed suicide on December 19, 2013. He was born Edison Price Vizzini on April 4, 1981, in Manhattan. Mr. Vizzini legally changed his first name to his nickname, Ned. After his family moved to Brooklyn, he attended the highly competitive Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan. While there, he began
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reading the weekly newspaper, New York Press. At fifteen, he began writing for the paper about teenage issues. Two years later his first article in The Times was published. Vizzini’s novels were solely based on depression. All of Vizzini’s novels were all about his pe...

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