Narrative Essay On The Great Gatsby

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Rafia Islam The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald As The Great Gatsby progresses, the reader feels a range of emotions for each of the character, especially the narrator. The story of Jay Gatsby is told in the point of view of Nick Carraway, Gatsby’s only real friend and he is also a participant in the book. Although most of the main characters in the book are rich and come from “old money” Nick works hard to rent a house “at West Egg, the-well, the less fashionable of the two [Eggs]” (5). Even so, Nick says that his “ own house [is] an eyesore, but it [is] a small eyesore” (5). Nick does not exactly complain about his house as much as the reader would expect him to. Throughout the book, Gatsby has three different personas and he uses the other characters in the book to make his ultimate dream come true. Nick is not excluded and he is taken advantage of by Gatsby just like everyone else. Ultimately, Nick is…show more content…
After Myrtle dies, Tom shows a side of him that is rarely seen. “And if you think I [don’t] have my share of suffering” (178). It almost seems as if Tom is trying to win Nick’s approval. Similarly, Gatsby makes up lies about himself to make seem more appealing to others. At Tom’s house, Daisy tells Nick about how she wishes her daughter would be “a beautiful little fool” (17) because women are not taken very seriously and are considered trophies that the men compete for.. After saying this, Daisy smirks as if “ she [has] asserted her membership in a rather distinguished secret society to which she and Tom [belong]” (17). Daisy allows Nick to have a glimpse into her glamorous, yet conflicted life. Even Jordan, the woman he has a crush on, reveals to Nick about Tom and Daisy’s complicated relationship. “Tom’s got some woman in New York” (15). Upon hearing this scandalous news, the reader can understand Tom from the way Nick sees
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