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When I was twelve, my mother passed away from ovarian cancer, leaving me, my father, and my brother behind. To cope, I did what I knew best, namely gathered my positive memories of her and continued to excel in my favorite sport at that time: figure skating. Shortly after I turned twenty-one, my father passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident. Those difficult moments not only showed me how fragile life is but they taught me how to become a solid, dependable leader while managing an incredible amount of responsibilities. Because of what I experienced with my parents, I developed compassion for others who are ill or in a terminal phase from an early age. Ever since those tragic moments, the calling to help prolonged one’s life have become my inner purpose, but I never had the opportunity to launch my goal until recently. My parents would have been supportive of my aspirations to become a physician; however, they are decease and my family offer only limited advice to me since I am first-generation college graduate who aspires to attend medical school. After relocating to United States, getting married, and having two wonderful children, I decided to pursue my lifelong career goal and enroll in College. From the start, I successfully embraced being a non-traditional student. Every semester, I created a color-coded schedule that addressed my extracurricular activities, my study goals, and most importantly family fun times. Then, in every class, my temperament and character always lead me to help other students who struggled with the materials. With them, I shared funny mnemonics, and showed them in-turn how to efficiently manage their time. During my undergrad journey many healthcare professionals had alimented my passion for... ... middle of paper ... ...hool. Indeed, becoming a physician is incredibly meaningful for me; it is a higher calling that I am determined to fulfill; therefore, selecting a stellar medical school that will match my values, and meet my criteria is substantial. As I am paving my way to reach my goal to become a physician, I acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead; however I endeavor to collaborate with my future peers in order to strive towards one common goal, the patient care. My intentions are to exercise my desired profession ethically, ensuring patient’s confidentiality, as a devoted wife and mother with a well-rounded life. I believe in myself, I believe in the role of medicine, and I have the yearning to become not only a doctor, but an advocate for my future profession, and a committed educator, so I could improve the lives as many individuals as possible in my community and beyond.

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