My Personal Niche In The Ecosystem

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Every species has a unique ecosystem in which it lives. In order to survive, the habitat is where the organisms’ survival needs of food, water, shelter and place to breed is met. According to our reading this week, habitats and niche are terms used to discuss the interaction of individual organisms in populations, and groups of organisms in communities and ecosystems including humans because we are organisms living in the ecosystem also. (Ireland, K. 2013). Each living thing has their own specific habitat and niche, where they live and how their job contributes to their habitat. I will be comparing my personal niche to that of a Botanist studying endangered plants in a tropical rain forest. I will be covering both roles in our ecosystem, the characteristics, their similarities and their differences and both habitats. A description of my personal niche is being a single mother of one child, a college student and an office manager that provides help and support to myself and the people around me. My personal niche has many things that need to be accomplished. As a single mother to my son, I…show more content…
I buy my food from the grocery store, drinking water is bottled or that out of the purifier in my faucet, and my home is built out of brick and wood. Botanist have to learn how to cook their food and figure out how to keep their food from spoiling where mine can be put into a refrigerator and cooked in a microwave or stove. I mostly get from one place to another by vehicles and they would get around mostly by walking and boats. They wash their clothes in the rivers, creeks and streams as to where I wash mine in a washing machine. I have the luxury of having electricity, heat, vehicles and running water. The Botanist depend on the forest for food and shelter (Learning about Rainforests,