My Life, My Rules

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When one leads an interesting life, it is more likely than not that a biography will be written about that person. In order to write a biography however, two important key elements must be present. First, you must understand what an actual biography is. This, of course, is when writes a rendition of another’s life. Secondly, you must have full knowledge of the selected historian’s past and accomplishments. In a biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Alan Axelrod discusses the topic of fearlessness in the thirty-second president. Throughout drought and poverty, he shows that we can just open our eyes and accomplish so much more if we work together. Although he makes a very valid point, his historical accuracy lacks. In Nothing to Fear: Lessons in Leadership from FDR, by Alan Axelrod, it appears that not much historical research was used, due to the lack of sources overall, lack of reliable sources, and the discussion of only one topic. To begin, only a maximum of two to three sources for his entire essay, where the usual requirement is a minimum of five external validations. Of cou...

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