My First Car - Original Writing

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Vinyl wrap My name is Marco Soliman. I’m 18, Egyptian citizen, and I have been in the U.S. for five years. I started liking cars and wanted to know more about them, when I started high school. I started to want to own a car to modify it. I got my first car on my 15th birthday. I was so happy suddenly, a lot of ideas popped in my head on what I want to do to the car. I’m a car fan, I started to like cars a lot that it became, “my favorite thing in life.” Which a lot of people think, that it’s stupid and just a ride. According to “car people” who I’m one of them, a car is not car if it’s stock. Racing and working on cars became my habit. I joined Antioch High School, Automotive Tech. program in 2013, 11th grade. In my Maintains/light Repair class, I mastered working on cars for three years, with the help of my teacher Muhlstadt. I mastered the car repairing, electric, and alignment. One day as I walk out of school heading to my car, and as I got closer there was a big scratch on my front bumper, didn’t feel right at all that time, but I got down to it and started to research for ways to fix the paint, I chose the vinyl wrapping because it was the cheapest. I wrapped the whole bumper and it looked good, and I thought of why I didn’t have that before it would have protected my paint from that day. I had the idea of adding a aluminum layer on the bottom of the vinyl sticker. Adding vinyl wraps to your car will cost you $200 - $300. Yes it is cheap because when your car gets scratched the paint gets peeled it will cost at least $900 for a cheap repair and it will still not be as good as the stock paint. Vinyl wrapping is not too hard to install or remove the install process will take you from 4 – 6 hours, and you can do it yourself.... ... middle of paper ... ...s, you can also get vinyl tint stickers with anything you like on it. Glass tints applied differently than any other tint, and the way you apply is to clean the glass as clean as possible, than put water and soap in a spray container, and spray it on the vinyl tint and the windshield or the windows so it will not be sticky, than apply the vinyl tint on the glass and by using a rubber, “really you can use any card you want.” Push the water and soap from between the glass and the vinyl tint, and when you done with all the tint applied, use a heat gun or a, “Hair drier” to dry out any left soap water. Glass tint is important to be applied from the inside of the vehicle because, if applied in the outside of the vehicle it will be removed by speed wind and rain water, so applying the vinyl tint wrap on the inside of your vehicle will last longer and will look better.
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