My Family: The Most Important Value To A Family

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The most important value that I have been taught is to make family my priority. My younger brother and sister, Collin and Savannah, depend on me to do the tasks that a parent should normally do for their children, and that is the way it has been since from my freshman year to now. My sister, who is a freshman in high school, decided that she wanted to go to her first homecoming dance. I was extremely sick that weekend and taking medication to alleviate the sickness, so she decided not to ask me to take her to the dance. She asked my mother and stepfather, who unfortunately had plans to attend a college football game, therefore not being able to take her. My sister also asked one of her friends that was going to the dance if her mother…show more content…
But by the second month of that school year, my parents split up, and my mom kicked my dad out of our house, and tried to get him out of our lives. Immediately after, my mom began to travel to Texas a lot, the reason unknown to my siblings and me, so my grandparents had to drive us to our school everyday. The school that my siblings and I went to was about a 40 minute drive from my house, and my grandparents were not the most qualified drivers; we got into a few car accidents during the 2 years that my grandparents drove us to and from school. During this time, I realized how my parent’s absence was affecting my siblings, and how they really did not enjoy living at home with my grandma while my mother was always out of town and my father was barely allowed to see us. I thought that my older brother would try to assume a father-like role because he was one year older than I was, but he was often more immature than my younger brother, and I realized how dependent he was on someone else to support him. By the end of my freshman year, I realized how much my siblings needed someone to actually care for them, rather than my grandparents just driving us to school and getting us food because we had no other

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