My Experience: The Best High School Experience

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I had the best high school experience. I had so much fun but at the same time I did some things wrong, but who cares that was high school I didn’t have any responsibilities or things like that. When I first got to high school it was normal to me because since I was middle school I had a lot of friends in school, and once I got to the high school I went “American Senior High” it was awesome. I n my freshman year I very lazy and crazy since I had all my friends there. I remember we would skip class, skip school and for that reason I failed math! I had to do nigh school my sophomore year, following by lots of test but I have always been a good student not so much with classwork but I was well behaved and teachers liked me because of that. I would…show more content…
For two years I had to deal with that horror of fcat reading. My writing fcat I passed it right away but for reading I had to try multiple times, therefore, as you can imagine I failed the act my frist ime, it was unbeliable I wanted to getit over with but I had to repeat it one more time and I passed it. I think the major factor on my reading is the Spanish, my friends and I had the same problem but past it the second time. Other kind of a bad experience with highschool was math. Since I was little I have always struggle with math, and it’s actually weird because all my family has study math careers and they even have business but I was the only kid who wouldnt like to go to work at the family’s business. I remember all my family having to go to work but me, I t was so much fun. Now I look back and I think should’ve done it, because it would’ve helped me in my math’s courses. Then it came junior year, and I had this professor called Mr.Baptist. Big Haitian guy with a heavy accent, and very strict but sometimes funny. He until this day it’s the only teacher who has help me to understand math. Everyone in the class would hate him for being so strict but at the same time with him you will actually learn and we “the students” would like that. In my junior year I had a lot of fun too! It was the trip to Busch gardens, the…show more content…
To start off by saying that when you are in senior year you don’t study. I remember that the first week of being a senior student, the school put the senior calendar and we would have activities the whole entire year. Us three participated in all the senior activities, we had the same classes and since we knew all the staff in the office and we would get along with our counselor and the registrar we would always be there and not go to class. I remember doing lunches with them, helping them out, which I wouldn’t mine because I like the office environment and things like that, but nothing like Grad bash. As I’m writing I wish I can go back to those moments it was simply the best. For Grad bash, we of course had our group and I and my two friends had so much fun. We got wet one of them almost cried of how scare she was! Including me. I will never ever ride again the harry potter ride. Since our friends had already graduated and they were old, we would go to parties on a Wednesday and Thursday and we would wake up to go to school the next day. We would tell our parents we were doing a project but the truth it was that we were at clubs and still go to class with a huge hangover with no problem. Like I said at least we were responsibles to go to school the next day. For our graduation it was funny because we all had to go through a mission to graduate. One wouldn’t pass the esol exam, the other one didn’t pass the fcat but finally passed

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