Multicultural Psychology

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The methodical study of human behavior in situations in which people from different cultural backgrounds interact defines multicultural psychology. Many consider multicultural psychology a fourth force in psychology study. Communication, interactions, research, and investigations into human behaviors give insight into how different cultures interact socially and how they live among the different ethnic groups. Many issues have emerged in multicultural psychology. Two issues discussed in this paper, cultural identity and baby boomers, describe some of the effects on multicultural psychology. Cultural Identity Cultural characteristics make up an individual’s cultural identity. Cultures have values, traditions, and norms that are the basic foundation of the culture. Diversity exists among varying cultural backgrounds and as groups begin to spend time together and assimilation begins. Most individuals attempt to stay true to their core cultural values while trying to assimilate into another culture. The results can include acceptance but often results in rejection by the other culture. Sometimes this causes conflict within the person as he or she try to fit in and become productive but constantly fear rejection. This causes a conflict crisis and the person struggles with cultural identity. The world has become so diverse, few cultures are pure, and this adds to the conflict of trying to decide which culture one belongs. Interaction When two people from different cultural groups come together, he or she will begin to exchange cultural aspects of each individual culture. Culture identity crisis effects interaction between culturally diverse groups because of the power on lives, such influencing where a person lives, what he or sh... ... middle of paper ... sort through the issues and help the person make decisions and come to accept his or her differences and embrace his or her similarities. Works Cited Belden Russonello & Stewart and Research/Strategy/ Management, (2001). In the Middle: A Report on Multicultural Boomers Coping With Family and Aging Issues. Washington, D.C.: AARP. McNamara, M. (2009). Growing Old, Baby-Boomer Style. CBS News. Retrieved from;contentBody Ruderman, Marian, Donna Chrobot-Mason, and Todd J. Weber. “Identity Crisis: Recognizing the Triggers of a Growing Type of Conflict.” Leadership in Action 27(3)(2007): 3-8. Shvoong. (2010). Emerging Issues in Multicultural Psychology. Retrieved from
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