Mozart is a Classical Era musician who was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. His father who’s name is Leopold, was the author of a famous violin manual. His father heavily influenced Mozart’s love for music and so he began to learn how to play a harp at the mere age of 3. At age 5, he even began to compose his own musical chords. Although he was far from making great works, he met with many popular composers across Europe. And even published his first work at the age of 10. He even wrote a one-act drama.

It wasn’t until Mozart was 13 when his career began to really take off. He was offered the chance to go to Italy and go on all sorts of musical adventures. Mozart of course accepted and he and his father set off the Italy! In Verona Mozart was put through rigorous tests and was then offered the job to write an opera for an upcoming carnival. Mozart of course accepted but the carnival was not for some time. So, Mozart continued to travel and even got to hear Miserere of Gregorio Allegri by the Sistine Choir (somehow he even memorized it). After they reached Milan, Mozart began to work on his opera Mitridate, rè di Ponto (“Mithradates, King of Pontus”). After 14 months of staying away from home, Mozart had finally performed his Opera he had been composing. Which as you can imagine, was a success. With Mozart’s foot in the door and his future set he was able to return to his home in Salzburg. But it did not stop there; Mozart visited Italy two more times with his last visit ending in 1773. All of them included successful compositions by the still very young Mozart.

But Mozart could not go about wiring Operas in Italy forever, so his father began taking him to Vienna where Mozart began to compose symphonies. But he wa...

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...greatest works were made. In 1787 he made his greatest work of all, an opera called ‘Don Giovanni’, which inspires many famous composers in the future. Mozart had to write the opera for a city called Prague. He played it and needless to say, they loved it.

For the remainder of Mozart’s life Mozart continued to write music for the German area but it all began to fall short. In 1789 he performed ‘Die Zauberflöte’ which is considered to be his last great work until he had fallen ill in November of 1781. He managed to hold together until he was hospitalized in the beginning of December and died on the 5th of the same month. A mere 7 years after his father.

Mozart’s death did not go un noticed, for he had many fans of course. Many called him the greatest composer of the time, and indeed he was for his compositions continue to be played to this day. Just not as much.

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