Movie Review: Shutter Island

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The movie Shutter Island is an excellent movie presenting memorable twists and not to mention, many aspects from a psychological point of view. The suspense thriller movie exceedingly measured up to its genre, providing the action and adventure to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. Shutter Island not only made the audience speculate, but the script had an apprehensive and steady flow. I argue that Shutter Island be considered art, based on the criteria of the plot and script. Throughout the storyline, there were instances presented that are believable. The characters, not to mention, are believable as well in an authentic sense. Although some critics would say Shutter Island is a bad film, and not considered artistic, I think it is a brilliant film. Unlike other films, Shutter Island’s entire structure is well written and has no holes in the plot. Throughout Shutter Island, there are many psychological events presented to Teddy Daniels. As a detective, Teddy is oblivious to the significance of each event and fails to realize everything pertains to him. At the beginning, Teddy is perceived as a hero, as any police officer, and is also perceived as a "normal" person just trying solve a missing person's case. Later into the movie, it becomes obvious that the detective is not an officer but is a patient at the mental asylum, presenting many delusional symptoms that also believes the hospital staff is out to get him committed. Little does Teddy know he is suffering from more then one psychological disorder. Teddy's partner, Chuck, is really his physician. The physician, the hospital warden, and the hospital staff all play roles and act out all of Teddy's delusions. The physician assumes that if he lets him act out his ... ... middle of paper ... ... guessing throughout the film. Scorsese added a psychological twist to the film which was the best part of Shutter Island. Not only was the psychological aspects of the film genius, but the evidence leading up to why Teddy suffered from his psychological disorders made Shutter Island complete. Teddy’s character had me convinced that he was really a detective. In the end, when the psychiatrists revealed Teddy was one of the most criminally insane patients, really put a twist on the movie that was unforgettable. Although Roger Ebert propelled arguing questions about Shutter Island, I conclude that the film should be considered art. Any movie proposed good by one, will of course have others proposing the the film as bad. The viewer determines what the film is, good or bad, art or trash, based on personal preference. My preference, Shutter Island is a great work of art.

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