Motivation In The Cask Of Amontillado

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Edgar Allan Poe is known for his murderous stories, but this specific story “The Cask of Amontillado,” starts off with the murderer telling the story with satisfaction. The murderer’s name is Montresor, and he has a brilliant, devious plan to murder Fortunato. He tells his plan step by step of how he commits this dexterous murder.
Edgar Allan Poe did not have a Peaceful life, he had the quite the opposite. He was orphaned when he was only two. His adoptive father was unforgiving with Poe’s gambling, which ties in to Montresor not forgiving Fortunato for insulting him. He married his cousin, who was only thirteen, later died of tuberculosis
Montresor’s Id is telling him to seek revenge and that no one insults Montresor and gets away with it, his ego is telling him all the things that
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Kevin J. Hayes stated in his book “The annotated Poe,” that the motivation for Montresor to murder Fortunato was Poe’s own desire to get revenge on a former friend Thomas Dunn English (351). Fortunato shows up wearing a motley, similar to a joker’s attire. Scott Peoples said in the book “Social and psychological Disorder in the Works of Edgar Allan Poe” that he believes that Montresor is committing this murder out of an act of jealousy. Also that Montresor has created an enemy to place all of his disappointments and failures upon (40). According to Montresor it’s accurate because the joke is on Fortunato. Fortunato does not have a clue what is about to happen to him in the catacombs, he thinks he is just showing Montresor the difference between Spanish sherry and Amontillado, he is too drunk to even consider that this is a death trap. After seeing Fortunato’s attire, Montresor decided to go with the murder plan. Montresor is dressed in all black and fits the
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