Moral Ambivalence And Evil Nature In Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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1753 words

I. Thesis:Young Goodman Brown’s Journey implies his moral ambivalence and evil nature. “Young Goodman Brown” was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne and was issued in 1835. This short story takes place in a small community of puritans in New England in 17th century. “Young Goodman Brown” is fine an example of human are wicked by nature. II. Topic sentence: The significant role of Faith in the story A. Faith played a significant role to the protagonist. The precise implication of Faith to Young Goodman Brown is at the beginning of the story as they exchange kisses and say farewell. For example, He kept thinking back about Faith in the wood. He always thought of her as a pure and innocence as an angel. B. Primary Quote: The Narrator has stated “Well, …show more content…

Topic sentence: Brown’s religious ambivalence is the conflict inside of his mind. It was mentioned several times by Hawthorne and Paulits. A. The implication of Goodman Brown’s religious ambivalence through Faith. The evidence is mentioned in the first quote by the Narrator. B. Primary Quote:The Narrator has suggested “Faith kept me back a while” (Hawthorne 2) C. As Young Goodman Brown answers to the devil the reason of the delay. He reasoned said it was his wife who keeps him back then. But in truth, he was hesitated because of his religious ambivalence. He was unsure whether to stay with Faith or follow the Devil. D. At first, Goodman Brown hesitated to follow the devil. However, he still decide to follow it with doubt. Even though, Brown knows what he was doing is a sin. This is a fine example of Goodman Brown’s ambivalence, of how he struggle between good and evil, between faith and the devil. E. The secondary quote is implication of the devil’s desire to persuade Goodman Brown. He was not succeeded. Until then, Goodman Brown’s religion ambivalence will remain the same. F. Secondary Quote: Told out by the Narrator “The devil had not succeeded in fixing the vacillating brown with any of the previous temptations, and until he does succeed, Brown 's ambivalence will continue” (Paulits …show more content…

Based off the quote, Goodman Brown and the Devil share similarity in expression, this indicates they both share same nature and personalities. Therefore, the Devil is a reflected image of Goodman Brown. E. In the perspective of Hurley, he revealed that Goodman Brown’s desire of his journey is a sin. Also Goodman Brown was awared of everything he was going through. F. Secondary Quote: The Narrator said “Hawthorne makes clear at once that Goodman Brown 's purpose on this night is an evil one. The fact that he is aware of the sin- fulness of his trip destroys any belief we may have in Goodman Brown 's ‘simple and pious nature’ ” (Hurley 412) G. The Devil’s physical resemblance to Goodman Brown because Brown purpose on the night is evil one. Both Goodman Brown and the devil are aware of this factor. This is why Goodman Brown was not surprise when they share the same appearance. H. The physical appearance similarity is indicated because Satan was accquainted with Brown’s family members, such as his father and Grand-father. He must have known them well. The devil also aware of Goodman Brown’s immoral purpose of his journey. Therefore, the devil’s similarity with Goodman Brown is common sense. V. Discuss the implications of his

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that "young goodman brown" was written by nathaniel hawthorne and was issued in 1835. it takes place in a small community of puritans in new england in 17th century.
  • Explains that young goodman brown became an altered man because of his evil nature. his ambivalence and evil nature was indicated in his journey.
  • Analyzes how the implication of faith to goodman brown is at the beginning of the story as they exchange kisses and say farewell.
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