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Male Health and Wellness Awareness Poster- Major Depression
Depression, also known as major depression, is a severe constant mood state of being depressed and with the feeling of hopelessness over a long period of time. Other names for major depression include chronic depression and clinical depression. Things seem wrong, you hate your life, being happy seems distant, you’ve developed a hatred for the people around you and the thoughts of suicide keep popping into your head. Does this describe you? If it does, you may be suffering from clinical depression, a condition and not a sign of weakness.

Although the cause of major depression is unclear, many professionals believe that depression has to do with the change in chemical changes in the brain.
Denying the problem will only make the problem worse
Physical activity may increase the chances of getting over depression quickly
The main cause for suicide in Canada is mental illnesses (depression)
Up to 90% of those who suffer from depression don’t receive treatment
Depressants, such as alcohol aren’t a form of treatment. In fact, they slow down the recovery process.

Studies show that approximately 11%, or 1 in 9 men (in Canada) have suffered from major depression.
80% of all depression cases will end in approximately a year
Symptoms for depression don’t completely disappear for 20%-30% of the people who have suffer from depression

Effects of Depression
Lowered self-esteem
Lowered physical functioning
Negative emotions
High risk of self-harm/suicide
Avoidance of socializing

Treatment Steps:
1. Understanding that what you’re going through is not a sign of weakness
2. Reaching out help and have family support you while you go through the process
3. ...

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