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The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. Mexico City is one of the largest Spanish speaking cities in the world. Mexico City has been said to be ‘one enormous museum’ as it holds many historical and cultural findings. In 1325 the Aztecs built their city called Tenochtitlan. Later, the Spaniards took over the city and built Mexico City over the pre-existing colony. Today, Mexico City is home to about 20 million people. This city currently has the highest literacy rate in the country and is the 8th richest city in the world. Mexico City is known for Templo Mayor (an Aztec temple) and also known for the nightlife in the city.
Landmark- Monumento a la Independencia The “Monumento a la Independencia” or Angel of Independence is a big statue in downtown Mexico City. This is a major tourist attraction and main focal point for the country. The statue is a gold Greek goddess that stands about 7 meters in height. This monument was built in 1910 which was the beginning of Mexico’s war of independence. The monument symbolizes law, war, justice and peace. Many visitors come to the monument to watch the sunrise as the sun reflects directly off the angel, making a beautiful sight to look at. This monument is also a gathering place for many celebrations including political/ social meetings and celebrations towards the national soccer team. …show more content…

This is one of the main temple of the Aztecs, and is considered the historic center of Mexico City. The temple use to stand about 150 feet tall, but now there isn’t much left of the temple, just the spot where is use to stand. There is also a museum on the site that holds the ancient treasures from the temple. Archeologists are still busy to this day uncovering the remains from the temple. Many tourists wander around the ruins, while others just look at the extraordinary artifacts in the

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