Metamorphosis Analysis

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The Metamorphosis took place when Gregor Samsa wake up transform in a parasite, but everything else appears normal, so in spite to go back to normal, he goes back to sleep. As he start thinking about his job as a salesman and how his boss never accept excuses, “He was a tool of the boss, without brains or backbone” (5) or how is the life of the others that work in sales, he looks the clock and realized he is late and he already missed his train for work and what consequences would bring. Between that his family started to worry about why he is not leaving jet and finally his boss arrives to check on him personally, but Gregor’s door was close, he tries to explain his situation to his boss but suddenly anybody understands a word, ”Did you understand a word? The manager was asking … Oh my God!, cried [Gregor’s] mother” and in order for Gregor does not lose his job because he still needs to paid his father debt after his family business broke, Gregor manages to open the door shortly with his mouth. But his horrible appearance, everybody immediately rejected, his boss left and his family make him stay in his room and Gregor exhausted falls sleep. Initially, Grete -Gregor’s sister- decide take care of him, realizing his brother’s new likes and Gregor stayed under the coach, looking at her; captivating his parents away from the task, among they talked about the difficult financial situation that they have and how they need to solve it between Gregor recovers. With time, Grete empower Gregor’s situation and to making feel more comfortable, she wants to remove the furniture and let Gregor moves free; so with the help of Gregor’s mother, they started the task until Gregor’s left himself out, protecting his precious portrait and his mother ... ... middle of paper ... ...ment of himself as a man, as a provider of his family and most important of what he wants to be, which draws him to a completely discomfort of who he is and lost his mind in a parallel world where he is not afraid of the men in the portrait anymore and let himself been through his transformation and finally release in his death. Unfortunately, the limited society roles overwhelm people minds, struggling between what a person should be and what wants to be, concluding that the only way to achieve it is to disappear this inner self that does not allowed to develop under determine gender role, but in the process as is show in “The Yellow Wallpaper” can reach a psychotic breakdown or as is seen in The Metamorphosis Gregor’s deep depression, push him to lose the control over his own body, taking both to do not be allow to live in society and surrender to their condition.

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