Media and Society

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Media and Society

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Media is all around us. We as a society absorb media from television,

radio, magazines, billboards, and newspapers. Media has such a strong

effect on our lives that we do not even notice its presence

sometimes. Media is the central force in shaping our culture and

democracy. Media reflects and sustains the values and traditions of

our striving, but necessary democracy. We as a society can use mass

media to our advantage if we watch over the impact it has over us

(Media and Culture 35)

Let me first give some insight on how media bombards our life

everyday. In our society, television is the main source of news and

information, and the main source of entertainment as well. More than

99 percent of U.S. households have at least one television set, and

about two-thirds of them have two, three, or more sets (Nielsen 1993).

As the number of TV sets in a household has increased, family viewing

has declined, and individual program selection and so...

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