McDonald’s: Just Say No

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“Buda-bup-bup-bup, I’m Lovin’ It!” Once you hear this noise: hide. All too commonly, Americans have traded in their beloved home cooking for the fast-food restaurant called McDonald’s; partly because of its swift delivery, but mainly because they are everywhere. In the small town of Claremore, Oklahoma (with a population of only 18,000), there are two: the convenient café and the “Oh my gosh they screwed it up again!” eatery. These tantalizing restaurants are illustrious for their massive amounts of calories and fat in each addicting bite, and have been serving the now-suspecting public for 71 years. In response to obesity trends in western nations and in the face of criticism over the healthiness of its products, the company has modified its menu to include alternatives considered healthier such as salads, wraps and fruit. Does this verity make it okay to eat there? Have they gotten rid of the “McCheeseburger”? Then obviously no, it is not yet safe to ponder over the delightfully colored menus until you gain the courage to refrain from killing yourself. Despite McDonald’s convenience, the best way to steer clear of dying before you reach the age of forty is to find other restaurants, escape the subliminal messages, and physically avoid the mania. The first step you must take in breaking the nasty habits fueled by Ronald McDonald is to quit “cold turkey”: in a metaphorical sense and literally! In order to satisfy your needs for quick and tasteful foods, replace the McNuggets with a more suitable, healthier meal from McDonald’s archenemy: Subway. Regardless of Subway’s recent domination in restaurant numbers compared to McDonald’s, this universal deli sells an assortment of sub-sandwiches, salads, soups, pizza, and even breakfast... ... middle of paper ... ...eded. Replace the nasty habit with a better one such as eating at Subway, or avoid being victim to its use of subliminal taunting by becoming more active and lessening your television use; just as it would take individual determination to workout, eating right takes just as much, if not more. Morgan Spurlock had gained an excessive amount of weight from eating over 3000 extra calories per day from a strictly “Super-Sized” diet to show you that Americans are prey to an addiction created by nothing more than a corporation’s desire for profit. McDonald’s does not care about your health, but McDonald’s does care about their money: because of this, their public image needed to be restructured through the formation of a more diverse (but still lacking) menu after the documentary was created. In spite of this, they still maintain the worst of foods on their carte du jour.
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