Mayan Influence On Guatemala

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A rich and diverse culture is what Guatemala is known for. It’s a mixture of the Spanish that conquered it and the indigenous people. Before it was conquered in the 16th century, it had a thriving people called the Mayans. The Mayan civilization is split into three different time periods called the Preclassic period, the Classic period, and the Postclassic period. The Preclassic period consisted mostly of small villages of farmers. The Classic period is when the Mayans were at the height of their civilization. Many sites in Guatemala show just how thriving these people were. It lasted until 900 AD when it all of the sudden collapsed. Many of the cities were abandoned and many were killed off by a drought. The Postclassic period brought on many new cities, but none had the greatness of those of the Classic period. This period lasted until the Spanish conquered them beginning in 1915. …show more content…

Guatemala’s staple food is the beloved tamales plus the have a wide variety of exotic fruits and vegetables. Because of its Mayan influence, the dress that is worn is brightly colored and varies among the different regions of Guatemala. This makes it very easy to spot a person’s home town. The people of Guatemala are very proud of their ancestry, and they show it in everyday life. Guatemala is truly an astounding country that is a glimpse into the past while it moves to the

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