Marxism In The Movie 'The Emperor's New Groove'

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KARL MARX Many see Karl Marx as simply the writer of The Communist Manifesto: a man with a nuance of ideologies which are often times deemed, at the least, radical. Marx, however, had several intuitive and insightful thoughts on the economic analysis of capitalism in American society. Marxist methodology also contains key insights to our environmental relationship with earth and nature as well as our personal and cumulative interactions with available resources and our place(s) as humans. The Initial Conflict When considering the movie, The Emperor 's New Groove (Imdb 2000) in comparison with Marx 's conflict theory, a few key points in Marx’s theories regarding the topic become increasingly apparent. In the movie, the opulent lifestyle and whims of the Emperor Kuzco, who is born of power and wealth, is profiled. He is an insanely spoiled and completely thoughtless emperor, seemingly without compassion, when it comes to others. It is with this mentality that Emperor Kuzco decides to build another home in one of the lands near his castle. That this particular land has been here for six hundred years and houses a close-knit and happy, lower income forest community is…show more content…
Environmental degradation is defined as the ‘disintegration of the earth or deterioration of the environment through consumption of assets” ( 2014). In addition to the more obvious damages which are being done, included are concerns of clean air and water and viable soil as well as the eradication of wildlife. Any aggravation which is undesirable to the land or nature and its inhabitants would be considered environmental degradation. In Kuzco’s case, this would come in the form of expanding the human populace in the forest and the application of resource exhausting and environmental polluting via the usage of modern technology, among other unnatural
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