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With over 96,000 members in the United States, and more than 50,000 more members nationwide, Mara Salvatrucha commonly known as MS-13 it’s the most dangerous gangs in the world. MS-13 was founded in the Mexican barrios of Los Angeles. It has spread to other parts of the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. In the 1980s many Central Americans countries were engulfed in a civil war. The cause of these civil war refugees fled their home countries and immigrated to cities like Los Angeles. Mara Salvatrucha then rose in the ranks of LA’s most dangerous gangs, because the founding members were ex-guerrilla fighters in El Salvador’s civil war. MS-13’s criminal activities consists of contract killing, human trafficking, extortion, …show more content…

The “gangs” intentions were short lived at first, until they started integrating in people and locations. There name being broken down means; mara is a Central American term for gang salva refers to El Salvador trucha, which means slang term for clever or sharp. That’s how MS-13 started everything to become the ever expanding gang today. Making an alliance with Surenos, Becoming there alliance which afforded MS more protection in the barrios and prison, and in return MS provided the Surenos hit men thus then adding the 13, Becoming MS-13. In the United States, when a gang such as MS-13 establishes itself. There are many problems attached with the gang activities. In a community such as Fairfax County, Virginia MS-13 creates a significant problems, this suggests that any community can find itself susceptible to and victimized by gang activity. By crossing the borders, we can also examine the problems that a country such as El Salvador and their cities experience. A strong presence of the MS-13 criminal experience happened after the deportation of many MS-13 from the United States back to El Salvador and to some parts of

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