Man's Search For Meaning

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In Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl describes his revolutionary type of psychotherapy. He calls this therapy, logotherapy, from the Greek word "logos", which denotes meaning. This is centered on man's primary motivation of his search for meaning. To Frankl, finding meaning in life is a stronger force than any subconscious drive. He draws from his own experiences in a Nazi concentration camp to create and support this philosophy of man's existence. Frankl endured much suffering during his time in the concentration camp. All of his possessions were taken away, including his manuscript in which he recorded all of his life's work. He went through rough manual labor, marching through freezing temperatures, and little or no food. To add to this, he didn't even know if his wife was alive or if she had been killed when they were separated. However, throughout all this, Frankl was able to keep his hopes alive, and still care for his fellow man. This is due to his philosophy of person. He figured that the key to surviving in those horrible conditions was to find a meaning in his life. Once there is a meaning to live for, there will be a will to live. Finding a meaning in life is the most important thing according to Frankl. This is the core of his philosophy, and claims that it is the core of human existence. In his view, anything can attribute to be something to live for. Love is perhaps the strongest motivation, but even someone can even find fulfillment in his profession. According to logotherapy, we can find meaning in three ways. Man can either create a work or do a good deed, experience something or encountering someone, or by the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering can we discover a meaning in... ... middle of paper ... ...m he loves or without something he feels is important to find meaning. It is also going to be difficult for this person not to consider suicide, even though Frankl believes it should never be an option. Personally I agree with most of Viktor Frankl's ideas and philosophy. It is important for a person to find a meaning in his life. Frankl's philosophy is more human and more personal than other psychiatrists' philosophies. The human person can not be motivated just on unconscious drives. Humans are much deeper beings and need aspects of life such as a sense of purpose, love, and human contact. I also agree that suicide should never be an alternative to life, except if sacrificing your life for a greater cause. Viktor Frankl's ideas are more realistic to human nature, and give a sense of optimism to the reader who can hopefully find meaning in their own lives.
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