Man And Nature In Emerson And Thoreau

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ENGL 204 American Literature
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Essay question: Compare and contrast the relationship between man and nature in Emerson and Thoreau.

Compare and contrast the relationship between man and nature in Emerson and Thoreau.

Emerson's view in ‘The American Scholar’ encourages his idea of an intellectual power of a common man in an open approach, liberated from the literary and materialistic ties of Europe, supporting Emerson's ideas through his beliefs in mystical philosophy and its importance in the individual. He also emphasizes the role that nature plays in man's development. According to Emerson nature teaches the individual that there is a plan too much of systematic detection. For the American people of his time, technology has replaced the dictionary of life, and books provide not to "inspire"; instead, they are the manuals ordering people of letting the falsely believe in how they should live their lives. Yet, the American Scholar that is placed in Emerson’s heart strikes in many a young modern heart the angry independence. The scholar explains the mystified nature; one must be absorbed with nature before he can appreciate it. Nature teaches man to attach things together; trees sprout from roots and leaves grow on trees, hence proving that one comes from another being and supports each other’s sentiments. Man learns how to categorize and organize the things in nature- which simplifies his views, thoughts and judgments. The scholar must also take action fulfilling each and every moment of the day. The scholar should explore opportunities and be open to creativeness, work different jobs and learn new professions. Then he will learn new languages and modes in which to ...

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...tion. If these things are realized and fulfilled they believed that we can acquire self-satisfaction so beyond any materialistic wealth.

Both Thoreau and Emerson teach us, who live in a more narrowed and often polluted nature, to get rid of our false sense of control and superiority that is influenced by the contemporary trends and culture. They want us to discover our proper ethical and spiritual place in nature. We must remind ourselves now and then that we are not crucial to nature's health, yet our capacity to destroy the nature is growing and becoming more violent. The best of our human tendency, though, depends on our fostering behavior, caring and respectful relationships with the nature that provides us with so many beautiful resources. We are liable to serve the nature for it serves and cater our lives in return. That is wisdom beyond eternity.

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