Malcolm X

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Malcolm X May 19, 1925 Malcolm Little is born in Omaha, NE 1929 The family's Lansing, MI, home is burned to the ground. 1931 Malcolm's father is found dead on the town's trolley tracks. 1946 Malcolm is sentenced to 8-10 years for armed robbery; serves 6 ½ years at Charlestown, MA State Prison. 1948-49 Converts to the Nation of Islam while in prison. 1953 Changes name from Malcolm Little to Malcolm X and becomes Assistant Minister of Nation of Islam's Detroit Temple. 1954 Promoted to Minister of Nation of Islam's New York Temple. 1958 Marries Sister Betty X in Lansing, Michigan. 1959 Travels to Middle East and Africa. 1963 Nation of Islam orders Malcolm X to be silent, allegedly because of remarks concerning President Kennedy's assassination. March, 1964 Malcolm X leaves the Nation of Islam and starts his new organization, Muslim Mosque, Inc. May, 1964 Starts the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU), a secular political group. February 14, 1965 Malcolm X's home is firebombed. February 21, 1965 Malcolm X is assassinated he begins speaking at the Audubon Ballroom, New York. 1. Malcolm x's childhood was definatly rough. He had ten brothers and sisters and his father was murdered. His father was an organiser for the marcus garvey negro association and believed that blacks would never find peace in America and that they should just go back to Africa and live a simple but happy and peaceful life. At the age of twelve he was put in a reform center for safety. He dropped out of school after 8th grade and moved to Boston and then New York first working as a shoe shiner and dining car worker; then engaging in numbers running , drug pushing and soliciting customers for a brothel. He went down a slipery slope and eventually got cuaght for burglary and larceny in 1952.His rough childhood certainly did affect his views. He passionatly hated white people and called them a race of devils. He also learnt to stand up for his self and when he wanted

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