Making a Case Against Legal Abortion

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One of the most famous documents pertaining to medical ethics is the Hippocratic Oath. A particular passage notes that one “will not give a woman a destructive pessary”. A pessary was historically used for giving abortions. To some, this is definitive evidence that abortions are morally wrong and should not be carried out. To others, they believe the reference to pessaries was specific and not necessarily related to abortion. At any rate, there is a massive struggle between those who are pro-life and those who are pro-choice. The question of whether or not abortion is morally acceptable is something we see in our lives often, whether it is in politics, religion, or even at home. The answer to this question is not always so black and white. Some argue abortion is condonable under certain circumstances such as rape, incest, or potentially fatal to the mother carrying the child. I have a preconceived notion that abortion is not morally acceptable and I do not think you could generalize a situation in which it could be acceptable. Some libertarians are against abortion, and think that the fetuses’ rights need to be protected, while conservatives believe that fetuses have the right to life as soon as conception happens. Physicians are viewed negatively due to performing these abortions, and the women who get these procedure done have negative emotional side effects. Whether one believes with the views of libertarians or conservatives, the way physicians are viewed and the side effects that follow should be strong evidence that abortion needs to be done away with completely. Libertarians realize that being violent or showing hostility to others is known as criminal conduct, but that does not mean they can be harmful to others. In addi... ... middle of paper ... ...Syndrome: Creating an Affliction.” Bioethics vol. 24 issue 9 November 2010. P. 445-452. OhioLINK. Web. 24 March 2014. Earnheart, Bruce. “Libertarianism is pro-life: and introduction.” International Journal of ociology and Social Policy, Volume 19, issue 3-4 (March 01, 1999), p. 8-10. OhioLINK. Web. 24 March 2014. Gibson, Susanne. “The Problem of Abortion: Essentially Contested Concepts and Moral Autonomy.” Bioethics vol. 18 issue 3 June 2004. p. 221-233. OhioLINK. Web. 24 March 2014. Harris, L.H.; Martin, L.; Debbink, M.; Hassinger, J. “Physicians, abortion provision and the legitimacy paradox.” Contraception vol. 87 issue 1 January, 2013. p. 11-16. OhioLINK. Web. 24 March 2014. Vieira, Edwin. “Foetal rights: enforceable in principle.” International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy vol. 19 issue 3-4 March 01, 1999. p. 83-88. OhioLINK. Web. 24 March 2014

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