Mahatma Gandhi: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

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Gandhi is known as a world renown hero. He was an advocate for civil disobedience and peace which resulted in him gaining people’s respect and eventually freeing India of Britain’s control. He freed India through non-violence techniques which is why he became such an important asset to India. Gandhi was secure in himself and his ideas, which brought peace to India.
Gandhi background Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, or better known as Mahatma Gandhi was an anti-war activist in India who fought for the civil rights of the Indian people. However, his life did not start out as peaceful as it finished. Gandhi, born into the Indian system of tradition, was forced to marry young and was forced to deal with the death of two parents at a young age. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes gandhi as a world-renown hero who advocated for civil disobedience and peace, which resulted in him gaining people's respect and eventually freeing india of britain’s control.
  • Describes mohandas karamchand gandhi as an anti-war activist in india who fought for the civil rights of the indian people.
  • Explains that self-concept is how one perceives themselves in the world. gandhi was forced to partake in indian traditions that he did not fully understand the meaning of, such as marriage.
  • Explains that self-concept is how we see ourselves in the world without societal restrictions. gandhi is an inspiration to all those who are scared to make change in their own life.

He understood that when one is at peace with themselves, one can use that same will power to take on a greater responsibility.
Gandhi went from being a rebellious teenager to one of the most peaceful men to have ever lived. When this was accomplished through self-actualization, the world was no longer influencing the decisions he made.
Gandhi changes the world. Gandhi had a different approach to the revolution, then many other leaders’ approaches. Consequentially, this led to people having a great deal respect for him and his beliefs. His methods of peaceful protesting and hunger strikes have followed the world to this day.
One of Gandhi’s famous quotes is “Happiness is what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmanoy. ” This quote shows us that in order for the world to be in unity, we must change as people first. The more we rid ourselves of factors that do not benefit us, the more that we can be happy with the changes that occur. The easier it becomes to change, the more love we can spread, and peace we can …show more content…

It is our own view of who we want to be (our ideal self) and who we actually are. Self-actualization takes a while to achieve because it is hard to fully understand life at a young age. Yet, Gandhi is a prime example of someone who is completely self aware of what true happiness is.
Gandhi is an inspiration to all those that are scared to make changed in their own life. The sacrifices that he made for the greater good of the people were remarkable and remembered to this day. He is a hero for the people of India and the world. He allowed the challenges to strengthen his idea of who he is instead of tearing him down. Gandhi became the change, the face, the inspiration for the revolution and much more. He was in unity with himself as well as the people. Gandhi taught us many things that we will remember and continue to honor for a long time, including that we must initiate change in ourselves in order to bring it amongst everyone else. As he once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the

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