Magna Carta Analysis

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Magna Carta’s Symbolic Insignificance
The Magna Carta’s widespread sentiment is drawn from a lack of understanding, the extravagant use of the charter neglects its archaic and specifically British medieval heritage. In legal and political history, there is a dispute as to whether Magna Carta represents the principled protection of human liberty or rather is a pragmatic declaration of baronial rights. The charter as a medieval text, if read narrowly within the grievances of a specific class displeased with King John, is simply an interesting artefact stipulating privileges endowed to the elite and are in the interests of aristocracy. This contextualised analysis of the Magna Carta, reveals that many of its historical factors indicate “it
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In the formidable death camp of Majdanek, there stands an eerie monument which is a cautionary testament to what one man can do without being governed by laws and principles- it is an enormous pile of exposed human ash and bone.
It is our duty as humans to ensure that humanity is protected from cruel and vindictive oppression. The original Magna Carta essentially limited the power of King John, albeit on a temporary and limited basis, which has renewed and broadened inspiration in today’s world for the prevention of abuse of power. Despite the Magna Carta being an antiquated relic, the Magna Carta’s perceived spirit resonates in human
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With the modern interpretation of the Magna Carta, we become empowered as Australians to fight terrorism, tyranny and lack of rudimentary civil freedoms in countries like Syria and North Korea. In the past, the knowledge of genocides and injustices were limited and broadcasting was not readily available in many instances. Digital and social media have highlighted the civil rights issues that infect humanity. ISIS has maliciously used the internet to share their gruesome atrocities the terrorist organisation perpetuates in Syria, such as public beheading and attacks. It is our duty as Australians to become motivators and combatants in the fight for humankind against the forces that threaten the realised, even though inaccurate, principles of the Magna Carta. Despite the Magna Carta lacking its original symbolism within its historic context, and has a negligible legal impact on Australians, this battle against oppression and injustice gives the 800 year-old charter a contemporary and perhaps more significant

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