Machiavelli’s Views on Government

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At first glance Machiavelli’s writings could be mistaken for evil and satanic beliefs, but in reality there are many good underlying points as to how to rule a nation. I believe that the New Yorker’s description of Machiavelli is the best example of his life and beliefs, because it not only touches upon the high points, but the low points of beliefs as well. The New Yorker goes into great detail about how Machiavelli came up from a mid level family to achieve a role as a government official/ “ambassador” just to be thrown in prison after years of trying to stabilize and unify an unstable country through means of war and fear. Machiavelli wasn’t only a government official he was a strategic genius, but only because as ambassador he had analyzed French Roman and Spanish battle plans while staying with their armies. One strategy that Borgia created was the idea of a citizen’s army, which fascinated Machiavelli. The citizen’s army was the creation of an army which consisted of peasants from conquered nations instead of mercenaries who could be bought by the highest bidder or scared off i...
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