Macbeth as the Factor in the Murder of Duncan

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Macbeth as the Factor in the Murder of Duncan

The play “Macbeth” was written in 1606 by William Shakespeare and is a

dramatic play. The play has murder, ambition, betrayal and

destruction. From the start of the play there is a sense that

something isn’t quite right. The 1st scene has witches( in this period

many people believed in witchcraft so this makes it a very good start)

these represent evil. When Macbeth the main character is introduced he

is said to be “brave” and a “noble” solider, however by the end of

the play he is greedy bloodthirsty who betrayed his king. I believe

that the murder was brought about by ambition because it is lady

Macbeths and Macbeths ambitions that go so far that they kill Duncan,

Macbeth seeks power, whereas Banquo who was with Macbeth when they

meet the witches, doesn’t think about what the have said. Lady Macbeth

wants to become Queen. The other factors could be the witches, Fate

Macbeth, L. Macbeth and Duncan.

The witches appear at the start of the play, this would have been

dramatically very effective because in this period most people were

scared of witches and believed what they said. They believed that

witches could; Make people ill by spells and potions that could kill,

even the strongest. They thought witches could fly though the air and

make themselves invisible. Lastly Jacobeans thought that they used

animals to hide evil spirits who served them.

James I was terrified of witches because he thought that a group of

them made a storm to try and kill him, then have a wax statue of him

melt and die. Consequently a Jacobean audience would instantly know

they were witches by the way they wo...

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...d let nature take its course to see who would

become king and fate shouldn’t be changed.

It is lady Macbeths fault that the murder took place because it was

her idea to kill Duncan and it was her who persuaded Macbeth to do it.

However Macbeth was the person who actually killed Duncan and some may

argue that it was his fault for being weak and being to easily

persuaded by Lady Macbeth, and did he always want to murder Duncan but

he just needed pushing from lady Macbeth and she knows that he is weak

and needs pushing “And live a coward” she knows that he is not very

strong minded. Macbeth was most likely not to become king unless he

interfered so he had listened to what the witches had said but then he

was fuelled by ambition to become king. Finally I think that ambition

is the biggest factor in the murder of Duncan
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