Macbeth: The Dictator Porfirio Diaz

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The dictator Porfirio Diaz for all intents and purposes had many similar aspects towards the character made by Shakespeare called Macbeth, which essentially is fairly significant. Both of them essentially had what they wanted which generally was power, but both of them end up at their subdue. Porfirio Diaz really was a president of Mexico that basically lasted from 1876 to 1880 and from 1884 to 1911. He made himself a dictator of Mexico and essentially ruled for very many years. Until he actually got exiled from Mexico in a major way. That because of ambition, he decided he wanted to basically become a dictator, which he became for many years. But because of this he got exile this was a failure made by the government.

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First of all both of them specifically were militaries and were the best at it. Macbeth in the show made by Shakespeare had all he wanted at the moment. He worked for the king the military captain and then moved up to be his right hand. As well Porfirio Diaz became a military captain and was one of the greatest. “Although the Battle of Puebla only delayed the inevitable French march into Mexico City, it did make Díaz basically famous and cemented his reputation as one of the very much the best very military minds serving under Juarez.” (ThoughtCo) Both of them were actually great actually military strategies, in which both of them did and had what they literally wanted in a big way. But they definitely are so ambitious that they really wanted much more. MacBeth has given the opportunity to kind of become king, but to essentially do so he has to particularly kill the king. But as he is so ambitious he doesn’t care about what he mostly has to literally do. As the ambition to gain power grew, he decide to do the inevitable, which definitely was to literally kill the king in a subtle …show more content…

Throwards the story Macbeth definitely starts going much more and more crazy in a actually major way. As he particularly starts killing and doing things that he wouldn't particularly do without him being that crazy. He killed the king, his almost the best friend, and sends people to basically kill all the family of Mcduff, or so they definitely thought. His craziness brought him the revolution to his doorstep, which particularly is quite significant. Even though he resisted to for the most part give up, he end up being killed because of his ambition, which kind of is fairly significant. As he essentially started becoming a dictator he was the only president in Mexico for basically many years in a particularly big way. Even though he could be for the most part remembered as one of the literally the best presidents because of the really big impact he brought, contrary to popular belief. He made his mistakes because his ambition towards staying in power until he wanted to in a actually major way. He made himself the dictator of Mexico until Madero made a revolution against him and instead of giving up as he for the most part had already been president for 30 years in “April 1910 he was selected as candidate for president by the Anti-reelectionist Party in a for all intents and purposes major way. Diaz had him and really many of his allies put in prison on

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